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GÖRUP-BESANEZ, gō'rōōp bắ-zä'nĕts, Baron Eugen (1817-1878). A German chemist, born at Gratz, and educated in that city and at Vienna, Padua, Munich, and Göttingen. He was appointed professor of chemistry at Erlangen in 1849. His researches on zoöchemical analysis are important: and his work entitled Anleitung zur qualitativen und quantitativen zoöchemischen Analyse (3d ed. 1871) is very valuable. His principal publication is the Lehrbuch der Chemie (vol. i., 7th ed. 1885; vol. ii., 6th ed. 1881; vol. iii., 4th ed. 1878), which has been translated into French and several other languages.