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GARVE, gär've, Christian (1742-98). A German philosopher. He was born at Breslau, studied at the universities of Frankfort-on-the-Oder and Halle, in 1769 succeeded Gellert as professor of philosophy at Leipzig, but in 1772 was obliged by ill health to retire. His writings did much toward the popularization of philosophy in Germany. His work was highly valued by Kant, and by Frederick II., who bestowed upon him a pension of 200 thalers and requested him to prepare a translation (1783; 6th ed. 1819) of Cicero's De Officiis. Garve eulogized the King in the Fragmente zur Schilderung des Geistes, Charakters and der Regierung Friedrichs II. (1798). Among his further publications are a collection of essays, Ueber verschiedene Gegenstände aus der Moral, der Litteratur und dem gesellschaftlichen Leben (1792-1802), and translations (1798-1801, 1799-1802) of the Ἠθικά and Πολιτικά of Aristotle.