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Edition of 1906. See also Wilhelm Geiger on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

GEIGER, Wilhelm (1856—). A German Orientalist. He was born at Nuremberg, the son of an evangelical clergyman, and was educated especially at the University of Erlangen, under the Iranian scholar Spiegel, whom he succeeded in 1891 as professor of Sanskrit and Indo-Germanic philology. Among his publications on Indo-Iranian subjects are: Aogemadaēcā ein Parsentractat (1879); Handbuch der Awestasprache (1879); Ostiränische Kultur (1882), translated into English as The Eastern Iranians (London, 1885); Elementarbuch der Sanskrit-Sprache (1888); Ceylon (1898); Litteratur und Sprache der Singhalesen (1901); and, as coeditor and contributor, Grundriss der iranischen Philologie (1885—).