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HADING, ȧ'dāN', Jane (1859—). The stage-name of Jeanne-Alfrédine Tréfouret, a French actress, born at Marseilles. Her first appearance on the stage, she has recorded, was when she was three years old. At the age of fourteen, after dramatic studies at the Conservatoire of her native city, she began her career in Algiers and Cairo. She first appeared in Paris in 1879, when she sang in La petite mariée and La belle Lurette. She was engaged in 1885 at the Gymnase, under the direction of M. Victor Koning, who afterwards was her husband, and she established her popularity by her enormous success in Ohnet's Le maître de forges; in Frou Frou (1886) she added still further to her reputation. She contributed to the success of M. Lavedan's Prince d'Aurec in June, 1892, and afterwards joined the Comédie Française. Sardou chose her for the title rôle of his Marcelle in 1896. She appeared in many parts of Europe and in South America, as well as in the United States, where she became best known by her tours with Coquelin in 1888 and 1894.