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HAILMANN, hāl'mȧn, William Nicholas (1836—). An American educator, born in the Canton of Glarus, Switzerland. He studied in the gymnasium at Zurich, Switzerland, and with a tutor, and in 1855 entered the Medical College at Louisville, Ky. He taught in the Louisville High School from 1856 to 1865; was director of the German and English Academy at Louisville from 1865 to 1873, of the German and English Academy at Milwaukee from 1873 to 1878, and of the German-American Seminary at Detroit from 1878 to 1883, when he became superintendent of public schools at La Porte, Ind., a position which he held until 1894. From 1894 to 1898 he was the National Superintendent of Indian Schools, and in 1898 was appointed superintendent of instruction at Dayton, Ohio. His publications, many of which are on educational subjects, include: Outlines of a System of Object Teaching (1866); History of Pedagogy (1870); Kindergarten Culture (1872); Letters to a Mother (1876); Early Education (1878); Primary Helps (1884); Primary Methods (1887); Application of Psychology to Teaching (1887); and Place and Development of Purpose in Education (1899), He also translated Froebel, The Education of Man (1890); and edited the Erziehungsblätter (1870-83) and The Kindergarten Messenger and New Education (1876-83).