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Edition of 1905.  See also James Harden-Hickey on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

HAR'DEN-HICK'EY, James Aloysius (1854-98). An American adventurer and journalist, called a baron. He was born in San Francisco, but at the age of twenty-three settled in Paris, where he started a paper called the Triboulet, so conspicuous for its strong satirical attacks upon the Government that it was suppressed in about two years (1880). The editor had also been drawn into duels with other journalists, but his literary activity continued unabated, and under the nom-de-plume ‘Saint-Patrice’ he published Un amour dans le monde (1877); Mémoires d'un gommeux (1877); Près du gouffre (1877); Sampiero (1878); Lettres d'un Yankee (1879); Aventures merveilleuses de Nabuchodonosor Nosebreaker (1880); Les facéties de Trogneville (1883); Nos écrivains (1888); La théosophie (1890); Plagiats bibliques (1891).