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HARTEL, här'tel, Wilhelm von (1839—). An Austrian philologist. He was born at Hof, in Moravia, and studied at the University of Vienna. He was appointed professor of classical philology at Vienna in 1872, made a member of the Vienna Academy in 1875, of the Berlin Academy in 1893; and became a life member of the Austrian House of Peers in 1890. In 1899 he was for a short time Minister of Education and Public Worship, to which post he was reappointed in 1900. His principal works are: Homerische Studien (1871-74; 2d ed. 1873); Demosthenische Studien (1877-78); Studien über attisches Staatsrecht und Urkundenwesen (1878); and various editions of classical authors, including the Breviarium of Eutropius (1872); Cyprian's Opera Omnia (3 vols., 1868-71); and Ennodius's Opera for the Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum, published by the Vienna Academy of Sciences. He was made editor of the Zeitschrift für Oesterreichische Gymnasien in 1874; and with Schenkl founded the Wiener Studien, a journal on classical philology, in 1879.