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HARTIG, Robert (1839—). A writer on forestry, born at Brunswick, a son of Theodor Hartig (q.v.), and educated at the Collegium Carolinum, of Brunswick, and at Berlin. In 1878 he was appointed professor of botany at Munich. The scientific labors of Hartig in the department of vegetable pathology have contributed greatly to the development of that branch of science. Prior to his investigations on the progressive stages of disease in trees, little or nothing had been done in this department of scientific inquiry; so that Hartig may be considered the founder of arboreal pathology. His more important works include: Die Unterscheidungsmerkmale der wichtigern in Deutschland wachsenden Hölzer (3d ed. 1890); Lehrbuch der Baumkrankheiten (2d ed. 1889; Eng. trans. by W. Somerville, 1894). In this work the author reviews the development of the study of vegetable pathology; the causes of vegetable disease; the injuries induced by such plants as cryptogams, fungi, and phanerogams; and wounds, and diseases due to conditions of the soil.