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HIRSCH, Jenny (1829-1902). A German author and reformer, born at Zerbst, where she was a tutor for several years. She went to Berlin in 1860; wrote for the Bazar, under the pseudonym J. N. Heynrichs, until 1864; and about that time became interested in woman's rights and female education. A member of the Women's Congress of 1865 at Leipzig, and for many years a leader in the Lette-Verein, she edited Der Frauenanwalt (1870-82); and, with Lina Morgenstern, Deutsche Hausfrauenzeitung (1887-92); with Mary Wall wrote Haus und Gesellschaft in England (1878); in 1881 published Fürstin Frau Mutter, and after it many other tales. Among them are the following titles: Die Erben (1889); Vermisst (1894); Löwenfelde (1890); Der Amtmann von Rapshagen (1890); Schuldig (1899); and Camilla Feinberg (1901). Under the title Hörigkeit der Frau (3d ed. 1891), she translated into German Mill's Subjection of Woman, and wrote a Geschichte der 25 jährigen Wirksamkeit des Lette-Vereins (1892).