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HIRSCHFELD, hḗrsh'fĕlt, Gustav (1847-95). A German archæologist, born at Pyritz, in Pomerania. He was educated at Tübingen, Leipzig, and Berlin, and was sent by the Prussian Archæological Institute in 1870 to Greece, Italy, and Asia Minor. From 1875 to 1877 he had charge of the excavations at Olympia, and in 1882 traveled again in Asia Minor. He was appointed professor of archæology at Königsberg in 1878. Besides many articles in the archæological journals he wrote: Tituli Statuariorum Sculptorumque Græcorum (1871); Athena und Marsyas (1872); Paphlagonische Felsengräber (1885); Berichte über alte Geographie (1885); Die Felsenreliefs in Kleinasien und das Volk der Hittiter (1887); Griechische Inschriften des Britischen Museums (1893); and contributed to the first two volumes of Ausgrabungen zu Olympia (1877-78). Aus dem Orient was posthumously published (1897).