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KAALUND, ka̤'lōōn, Hans Vilhelm (1818-85). A Danish poet, born at Copenhagen. He studied sculpture and painting, but the enthusiasm with which his verses were received on the return of Thorwaldsen (1838) decided him to take up literature as a profession. His poems, Kong Haldan den Stœrke (1840), and Valkyrien Göndul (1842), were successful but not profitable, and the same was true of his other works until the publication of Et Foraar (1858), a collection of his best old and new poems. In 1875 his drama Fulvia appeared, and in 1877 another collection of poetry, En Eftervaar. A posthumous volume of verse was printed in 1885. Besides these, he wrote Fabler og blandede Digte (1844), and Fabler for börn (1845), a book for young children, illustrated by Lundye.