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Edition of 1905.  See also Kayseri on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

KAISARIEH, kī'sȧ-rē'e. A town of Asiatic Turkey, situated in the Vilayet of Angora, a short distance from Mount Argæus, and 160 miles southeast of Angora (Map: Turkey in Asia, F 3). It has narrow and crooked streets, and is partly surrounded by walls. There are a mosque, dating from 1238. and extensive bazaars. The chief occupation of the inhabitants is trade, for which the city is well adapted on account of its location. Kaisarieh is the seat of a Greek bishop, an Armenian archbishop, and a Roman Catholic bishop. In the town are also a high school, a kindergarten, and an American mission. Population, estimated at 72,000. Kaisarieh occupies the site of the ancient Cæsarea, in Cappadocia.