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The New International Encyclopædia
Kansas State Agricultural College

Edition of 1905.  See also Kansas State University on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

KANSAS STATE AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE. A coeducational institution of learning established in 1863 at Manhattan, Kan., by the endowment of Bluemont College, which was presented to the State. The college owns 323 acres of land, valued at $39,700, and leases 221 acres in addition, the greater part of these grounds being used for experimental work. The courses embrace English, general and domestic science, mechanical and electrical engineering, and agriculture, leading to the degree of bachelor of science, a preparatory department, a musical department, and apprentice courses, designed for those who wish to learn a trade. No classical course is given. The faculty publishes a weekly, the Industrialist, devoted to college interests. In 1902 the instructors and assistants numbered 59, and the attendance was 1396, including 298 preparatory students. The endowment was $491,181, the income $80,270, the value of the grounds and buildings $340,000, and the total value of the college property $552,165. The library contained 24,525 volumes.