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KELLER, kắ'lâr', Emile (1828—). A French politician, born at Belfort. In 1857 he was elected Deputy for the Haut-Rhin District, and soon made himself prominent as a leader of the Roman Catholic Party. He lost his seat in 1863, but was reëlected in 1869. He commanded a volunteer corps in the Franco-Prussian War, and as a member for Haut-Rhin again in 1871 he made a stirring speech against the cession of Alsace and Lorraine to Germany. When the treaty was signed, he left the Assembly, with other Alsatians, but was back as member for Belfort in 1876, and again in 1885. His publications include: Histoire de France (1858); L'Encyclique et les libertés de l'Eglise gallicane (1860); L'Encyclique et les principes de 1789 (1865); Le général de Lamoricière (1873); Les congrégations religieuses en France (1880).