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KELLER, Friedrich Ludwig von (1799-1860). A Swiss-German jurist, pupil of Savigny. He was born at Zurich, studied jurisprudence at Berlin and Göttingen (1819-22), and on his return home became professor of civil law, took an active part in Swiss politics, aud soon became head of the liberal radicals of Zurich. In 1831 he was made head of the Swiss justiciary. From 1843 to 1847 he was professor in the University and then went to Berlin as successor of Puchta. He became a Conservative member of the Lower House, and because of his services to the monarchical party was ennobled. His principal works are Ueber Litiscontestation and Urteil (1827) and Der römische Zivilprozess und die Aktionen (6th ed. 1883). His Vorlesungen über die Pandekten was edited by Friedberg (1861), and by Lewis (1867).