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KINNEY, William Burnet (1799-1880). An American politician and diplomat, born in Speedwell, N. J. He studied law after graduating at Princeton, became an editor in Newark, where he founded the Advertiser, and was a prominent Whig. In 1851 he went to Turin as Minister to Sardinia. There and in Florence, where he lived for some time after the close of his mission, he worked on a history of Tuscany, which was not completed. He married, in 1841, Elizabeth Clementine Stedman (1810-89), a sister of William E. Dodge and mother of Edmund C. Stedman. She was born in New York City, wrote for the Knickerbocker and for Blackwood's, and during her fourteen years' stay in Europe was a friend of the Brownings. She published Felicita, a Metrical Romance (1855); Poems (1867); and Bianca Capello, a Tragedy (1873).