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KIRCHNER, kḗrK'nẽr, Theodor (1824-1903). A German composer, born at Neukirchen, Saxony. From 1838 to 1842 he studied in Leipzig under J. Knorr (piano) and K. F. Becker (organ and theory). He subsequently was a pupil of J. Schneider in Dresden, and of the Leipzig Conservatory for a short time, becoming in 1843 organist at Winterthur. From 1862 to 1872 he was a teacher in the music school at Zurich, then became director of the Würzburg Conservatory (1873-75), and finally in 1890 settled in Hamburg. Schumann and Mendelssohn were his friends, and Kirchner was especially influenced by the former's music. His compositions are mostly for the piano, and his preludes, caprices, and nocturnes are charming.