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KLÜBER, klụ'bẽr, Johann Ludwig (1762-1837). A German publicist, born at Tann, near Fulda. He was professor of law at the universities of Erlangen (1786-1804) and Heidelberg (1807-08), held high positions in the Government service at Karlsruhe (1804-07 and 1808-17), and was in Vienna during the Congress of 1814-15, collecting the Akten des Wiener Kongresses in den Jahren 1814 und 1815 (1815-19), of which the most important portions were reprinted separately under the title Quellensammlung zu dem öffentlichen Rechte des Deutschen Bundes (1830). In 1817 he entered the Prussian service, and was appointed Privy Councilor in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under Hardenberg, whom he accompanied to the Congress at Aix-la-Chapelle (1818), and he took an important part in other political negotiations at Frankfort and Saint Petersburg. When, at the appearance of the second edition of his Oeffentliches Recht des Deutschen Bundes und der Bundesstaaten, in 1822, book and author became the objects of political vilification, he resigned his post and retired to Frankfort. The more important of his other writings are: Le droit des gens moderne de l'Europe (1819, 2d ed., 1874); Abhandlungen und Beobachtungen für Geschichtskunde, Staats- und Rechtswissenschaften (1830-34); and Pragmatische Geschichte der nationalen und politischen Wiedergeburt Griechenlands (1835).