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KLOSTERNEUBURG, klōs'tẽr-noi'bōōrK. A town of Lower Austria, on the right bank of the Danube, six miles west-northwest of Vienna. It is the seat of the oldest Augustinian monastery in Austria. It was founded by Margrave Leopold III. of Babenberg in 1106-36. The palatial abbey buildings, erected by Charles VI., contain a library of more than 40,000 volumes (1500 incunabula) and 1600 MSS. In the museum is the Austrian archducal hat, used in the ceremonial of swearing allegiance. The old German monastery church of Saint Maria contains a number of fine paintings and a magnificent high altar. Population, in 1890, 8988; in 1900, 11,595. The town was built by Charlemagne on the site of a Roman castle, and made a city by Duke Albert I. (1298) under the name of Neuburg-Klosterholben.