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KNAUS, knous, Ludwig (1829-). A German genre painter of the younger Düsseldorf school, born at Wiesbaden. He was the pupil of Sohn and Schadow in Düsseldorf, and afterwards studied in Paris and traveled in Italy. From 1874 to 1884 he was professor at the Berlin Academy. He eventually became one of the most popular and widely known painters of humorous genre subjects, usually rustic scenes. These works are characterized by obvious feeling and sharp delineation of character. Technically he is a skillful artist and excellent colorist. His works include: “His Highness Upon His Travels,” “The Golden Wedding,” “The First Profit,” “I Can Wait,” “In Great Distress,” “Children's Festival,” National Gallery, Berlin; and “Holy Family,” and “None But the Cats,” in the Metropolitan Museum in New York City. Among his portraits are those of Helmholtz and Mommsen, in the Berlin Gallery.