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KOCH, kṓK, Christian Friedrich (1798-1872). A German jurist, born at Mohrin, Prussia. After studying law in Berlin he entered the Government service in 1825, was promoted gradually to important positions at various law-courts in Cologne, Kulm, Halle, and other cities, and in 1848 was summoned to Berlin to draft the new code of civil procedure. He retired in 1854. The most important of his works, which exerted great influence upon both the theory and practice of Prussian jurisprudence, are Das Recht der Forderungen nach gemeinem und preussischem Recht (2d ed. 1858-59); Lehrbuch des preussischen gemeinen Privatrechts (3d ed. 1857-58); Das preussischen Erbrecht, aus dem gemeinen deutschen Recht entwickelt (1866); Das preussische Zivilprozessrecht (vol. i., 2d ed. 1855; vol. ii., 6th ed. 1871); Das allgemeine Landrecht für die preussischen Staaten, mit Kommentator (8th ed. 1883-87). He also founded the Schlesisches Archiv für die praktische Rechtswissenschaft (Breslau, 1837-46). For his biography, consult Behrend (Berlin, 1872).