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KRUPP FOUNDRIES, Social Work at. About 1861 the great firm of Krupp at Essen, Germany, finding that there were not in the town sufficient houses for their employees, began building dwellings. By 1862 ten houses were ready for foremen, and in 1863 the first houses for workingmen were built in Alt Westend. Neu Westend was built in 1871 and 1872. Now some 400 houses are provided, many being given rent free to widows of former workers. A coöperative society founded in 1868 has become the Consum-Anstalt and profits are divided according to amounts purchased. A boarding-house for single men, the Ménage, was started in 1865 with 200 boarders and now accommodates 1000. Bath-houses are provided and employees receive free medical attendance. Insurance societies—accident, life, and sickness—exist among the men and the firm contributes for their support $60,000 per year. There is a trust fund of $250,000 for the benefit of the needy who are not qualified to get pensions. Essen also has a fund of $125,000 used in building workingmen's houses, and there is also a building association. Technical and manual training schools are provided. The relations between employers and men have been excellent.