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LANGE, Johann Peter (1802-84). A German theologian. He was born at Sonnborn, near Elberfeld, studied at Bonn, and after serving for several years as pastor, became professor of theology at Zurich in 1841, and at Bonn in 1854. His works include: Das Leben Jesu (1844-47; Eng. trans. 1864 and 1872); Christliche Dogmatik (1849-52); Grundriss der theologischen Hermeneutik (1877); Grundriss der Bibelkunde Encyclopädie (1877); Grundriss der biblischen (1881). He is best known as one of the editors of the Theologisch-homiletisches Bibelwerk (1857 sqq.), published in English translation, edited and augmented by Philip Schaff, under the title A Commentary on the Holy Scriptures, Critical, Doctrinal, and Homiletical (25 vols., New York, 1865-80).