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LANGE, Samuel Gotthold (1711-81). A German poet. He was born at Halle, the son of the pietist Joachim Lange (1670-1744), who was famed as the author of the Halle Grammars. The son studied theology at Halle, and there became acquainted with Pyra, with whom he wrote Thyrsis' und Damons freundschaftliche Lieder (1745), attacked Gottsched, whom they had both ardently followed before, and opposed the use of rhyme in poetry. His strongest claim to fame is the feeble version of Horace's Odes (1752), which Lessing criticised and, when roused by Lange's fling that the critic's works because of their small format were only ‘Vademecums,’ overpowered with the brilliancy of his Vade Mecum für Lange (1754).