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LASSBERG, lȧs'bẽrK, Joseph, Baron (1770-1855). A German antiquary, born at Donaueschingen. In 1817 he gave up the office of Privy Councilor to the Prince of Fürstenberg, which he had held since 1806, and devoted himself to study. At the Castle of Meersburg, on Lake Constance, he formed a valuable library, after his death incorporated in the library at his birthplace. His collection of manuscripts is famed as containing the important codex of the Nibelungenlied. Lassberg edited, under the name Meister Sepp von Eppishusen, Ein schön und anmutig Gedicht, der Littower (1826), Sigenot (1830), Eggenlied (1832), Ein schön alt Lied von Grave Friz von Zotre (1842), and the collection called Liedersaal (1820-25). Consult Briefwechsel zwischen Lassberg und Uhland (1870).