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LEIST, līst, Burkard Wilhelm (1819—). A German jurist, born at Western, in Hanover. He was educated at Göttingen, Heidelberg, and Berlin; was made professor of civil law at Basel (1846), and later at Rostock (1847), whence he went to the University of Jena (1853). A pupil of Savigny, he combined the historical method with analysis, and after studies on the fundamental material of law, especially Roman law, made valuable researches in the hypothetical field of Indogermanic law. His more important writings are: Die Bonorum Possessio, ihre geschichtliche Entwickelung und heutige Geltung (1844-48); Civilistische Studien auf dem Gebiet dogmatischer Analyse (1854-77); Mancipation und Eigentumstradition (1865); Versuche einer Geschichte der römischen Rechtssysteme (1850); Der römische Erbrechtsbesitz (1871); Altarisches Jus Gentium (1889); and Altarisches Jus Civile (1894-96).