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LEWALD, Fanny (1811-89). A German novelist and essayist, a cousin of August Lewald. She was born in Königsberg, of Jewish parents, but joined the Protestant Church when she was sixteen. Travel developed her powers of composition, and in 1841 she published her first novel in Europa, under the title Der Stellvertreter. Four years later, after travels in Italy, she settled in Berlin, where she maried Adolph Stahr (q.v.) in 1855. She wrote the novels: Klementine (1842); Jenny (1843); Nella (1870); Die Erlöserin (1873); Neue Novellen (1877); and Stella, which has been translated into English (1884). She also wrote sketches of travel, and the autobiographical Meine Lebensgeschichte (1861-63); and, treating the question of woman's rights, of which she was an ardent supporter, Osterbriefe für die Frauen (1863), and Für und wider die Frauen (2d ed. 1875). Consult Frenzel, Erinnerungen und Strömungen (Leipzig, 1890).