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MÜLLER, Georg Elias (1850—), A German professor of philosophy, born at Grimma, in Saxony. He was educated at the universities of Leipzig, Berlin, and Göttingen. In 1870 he entered the German army as a volunteer, and took part in the campaign against France. On returning to academic life he became privat-doecnt at Göttingen (1876), and professor of philosophy at Czernowitz (1880). In April, 1881, he was appointed full professor at Göttingen. He published: Zur Theorie der sinnlichen Aufmerksamkeit (1873); Zur Grundlegung der Psychophysik (1878); Zur Theorie der Muskelcontraction (1891); Zur Analyse der Unterschiedsempfindlichkeit, with L. G. Martin (1899); and Experimentelle Beiträge zur Lehre vom Gedächtnis, with Pilzeeker (1900).