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Edition of 1905.  See also Gerhard Friedrich Müller on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

MÜLLER, Gerhard Friedrich (1705-83). A German historian, born at Herford, in Westphalia, and educated at Leipzig. Entering the newly established Saint Petersburg Academy, he gave instructions in history, geography, and Latin, and was soon appointed professor of history. In 1740 he went to Siberia and traveled for ten years, engaged in the study of its antiquities and geography. Of his great work on Siberia only one volume was published (1750). On his return he became historiographer to the Empire, and in 1766, after many attacks by his colleagues, was appointed keeper of the national archives. He drew up for the Government a collection of its treatises, and wrote a number of works on Russian history, in which subject he was a high authority. His most important book, a Collection for the History of Russia, appeared at Saint Petersburg, in nine volumes (1732-65). His work in geography and cartography was also important.