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MAHASEER, mä'hȧ-sēr. A large barbel of India and Ceylon (Barbus tor), which reaches a length of six feet under favorable circumstances. These great fish reside in the streams of the highlands, and form one of the principal attractions to the 'angler in the East. When the rainy season begins, the mahaseers ascend the hill rivers and their tributaries as far as possible, and spawn, after which they drop down with the subsiding waters. When the ova hatch the fry find themselves alone in the scanty headwaters, and safe from the devouring appetites of their now absent parents. In these small streams and pools they grow almost unmolested until the next season's high water enables them to go down stream. Thus the continued supply of this and of various other similar fishes is secured to the people of the plains. Mahaseer fishing is one of the leading sports of India.