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MIEROSLAWSKI, myĕ'rṓ-släv'skḗ, Ludwik (1814-78). A Polish revolutionary leader, born at Nemours, France. He was the son of a Polish officer in the service of France, received his education at the military school in Kalisz, and joined the Polish insurgents in 1830. Mieroslawski distinguished himself greatly, and was made an officer, serving until the fall of Warsaw, when he settled in Paris. Here he published a number of books in Polish and French, particularly a military history of the Revolution in Poland. In 1846 he was at the head of another revolutionary movement in Poland, which resulted in his being captured and sentenced to death. From this fate he was rescued by the outbreak of the general revolutionary movement of 1848. After fighting in Posen, Mieroslawski resigned his command in the face of ultimate defeat. In 1849 he participated in the revolutionary movement in Sicily, and after resigning his command placed himself at the head of the revolutionary army in Baden, but eventually retired to Paris. His last appearance as a revolutionist was in Poland in 1863, and, after the failure of that attempt, he spent the last years of his life writing political pamphlets. He died in Paris, November 23, 1878.