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MIONNET, myṓ'nắ', Théodore Edme (1770-1842). A French numismatist, born in Paris, where he studied in the Collège du Cardinal le Moine, and in the Ecole de Droit. After four years of legal practice and a short term in the army, from which he retired because of illness, he became assistant in 1800 in the numismatic cabinet in the Bibliothèque Nationale, and there began to catalogue the collections. He traveled in Italy, made many valuable numismatic finds, and in 1830 was elected to the Academy of Inscriptions. His great works, which still have a distinct scientific value, are Description des médailles antiques, grecques et romaines (1806-30, in 17 vols.) and De la rareté et du prix des médailles romaines (1815; 3d ed. 1847). Consult Walekenaer, Notice historique sur la vie et les ouvrages de M. Mionnet (Paris, 1846).