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MISSOURI, University of. A State institution of learning founded in 1839 at Columbia, Mo. Academic work began in 1841. In 1867 a department of education was established, to which women were admitted in 1869, and soon after all departments were opened to them. The university comprises a graduate department, established in 1896, an academic department, and departments of education, law (1872), medicine (1873), military science and tactics (1890), a College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts (1870), embracing a school of agriculture, an experiment station (1888), a school of engineering (1877), and a school of mines and metallurgy, situated at Rolla (1870). The university confers the bachelor's and master's degrees in arts, law, and science, the doctor's degree in medicine and philosophy, and the degrees of civil, electrical, mechanical, and sanitary engineer and engineer of mines. The only honorary degree conferred is that of Doctor of Laws. The university accepts the certificate of approved schools for admission. The faculty in 1902 numbered 102. The enrollment, including duplicates, was 1286, of whom 393 were women. The campus includes 32 acres in the southern part of the town, and near it are the experiment farm, of 618 acres, and the horticultural grounds, of 30 acres. The grounds. buildings. and equipment were valued at over $1,000,000. The endowment was about $2,500,000. The university library, including the departmental libraries, contained about 50,000 volumes.