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MITTERMAIER, mĭt'tẽr-mī'ẽr, Karl Joseph Anton (1787-1867). A German jurist; born in Munich, and educated at the universities of Landeshut and Heidelberg. He was a professor at Bonn for two years, 1819-21; but the rest of his life was passed as professor of law and jurisprudence at Heidelberg. For many years he was a member of the Baden Legislature, and in 1848 he was president of the Frankfort Vorparlament, serving afterwards as representative of the city of Baden in the German National Assembly. His greatest claim to distinction lies in his extensive writings on jurisprudence, among which is a complete manual of criminal law, Das deutsche Strafverfahren, and he was an earnest advocate of reform in the German criminal procedure and in prison discipline. The number of his published writings is very large, including many treatises on branches of law, discussions on all the important questions of his time connected with jurisprudence, and especially on trial by jury and the penal code. His principal works have been translated into many languages. He himself translated Francis Lieber's Letter on Anglican and Gallican Liberty, and edited the German translation of the same author's Civil Liberty.