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MOE, mō'e, Jörgen (1815-82). A Norwegian poet and folklorist. He was born at Holm, in the District of Ringerike, and before his entry at the University of Christiania became well acquainted with Asbjörnsen (q.v.), later his collaborator. From 1835 to 1852 hardly a year passed during which Moe did not make a long tour of the country in search of popular legends. The first collection of these tales, edited by Moe and Asbjörnsen under the title Norske Folkverentyr, appeared in 1842-44; was republished by Moe in 1852, and was translated into English by Dasent (1859). His Samlede Skrifter (1877) include the popular poems (1850) and the juvenile stories, I Brönden og i Kjörnet (1851). Moe died at Christiansand, where he had been bishop for seven years.