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MUNTHE, mụn'te, Ludvig (1841-96). A Norwegian landscape painter, born at Aaröen, near Bergen. He was first instructed by Schiertz, a German painter and architect at Bergen, and then became a pupil of Flamm at Düsseldorf, which he subsequently selected for his permanent residence. A thoroughly realistic treatment characterizes his paintings, of which autunm and winter scenes in stormy or gloomy weather, forest and coast views form the prevailing subjects, and which may be judged by such specimens as a “Pine Forest in Winter” (1870), Hamburg Gallery; “Wood Interior in Winter, with Stags” (1878), National Gallery, Christiania, which was awarded the gold medal in Paris; “Birch Wood in Autumn” (1886), and “Autumn in Holland” (1895), both in National Gallery, Berlin.