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NEW MEXICO, University of. A coeducational institution of higher learning at Albuquerque, New Mexico, incorporated by an act of the Territorial Legislature in 1889, and indicated by statute as the future State university. The collegiate, normal, and preparatory departments were opened in 1892. Science, music, art, and commercial schools were afterwards added. The degrees of bachelor of arts and pedagogy, of master of arts and sciences, and of doctor of philosophy are conferred. The Hadley Climatological Laboratory is an organization for research especially with reference to the influence of the climate of the arid and plateau region of the United States upon disease. The students in 1902 numbered 150 and the faculty twelve. The library contained about 5000 volumes. The campus contains the Administration Hall, Hadley Science Hall, the gymnasium, and the Ladies' Cottage. The total value of property under control of the college in 1902 was $75,000. Its endowment consisted of 243,000 acres of public land and 150,000 acres of saline land, and the income was 15,000.