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NEWNHAM COLLEGE. An institution for the higher education of women, situated at Cambridge, England. It had its inception in the amalgamation in 1880 of the Association for Promoting the Higher Education of Women in Cambridge, organized in 1873, with the Newnham Hall Company, opened in 1875. As early as 1871 five women students came to Cambridge to study under the direction of Miss Clough, subsequently principal of Newnham College. This number increased to twenty-five by 1874. The growth of the college has continued steadily, and in 1902 it included North Hall, established in 1880; Clough Hall, 1888; and the Pfeiffer Building, 1893. The library contains about 8000 volumes. The attendance in 1902 was 174. The faculty included 15 resident and 37 non-resident tutors. With certain restrictions the students have since 1881 enjoyed all the scholastic privileges offered at the University of Cambridge. Their names appear in the tripos or honor list in the university calendar. They do not, however, receive degrees, but are granted certificates instead.