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OLSHAUSEN, Justus (1800-82). A German Orientalist, brother of the preceding, who made contributions to Semitic and Iranian philology. He was born at Hohenfelde; studied at Kiel, Berlin, and Paris (under De Sacy); and from 1830 to 1852 was professor at Kiel. Removed in the latter year by the Danish Government, which he had energetically opposed, he became professor at Königsberg (1853-58), then councilor in the Ministry of Education, and retired in 1874. Olshausen's more important works are: Emendationen zum Alten Testament (1826); Fragments relatifs à la religion de Zoroastre (1829), written in collaboration with Julius von Mohl (q.v.); Die Pehlewi-Legenden auf den Münzen der letzten Sassaniden (1843); Lehrbuch der hebräischen Sprache (1864); Prüfung des Charakters der in den assyrischen Keilinschriften enthaltenen semitischen Sprache (1864). Consult Schrader, Gedächtnisrede auf Justus Olshausen (Berlin, 1883).