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Edition of 1905.  See also Thomas Jeffery Parker on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

PARKER, Thomas Jeffery (1850-98). A zoölogist, born in London. He received his education in the Royal School of Mines and in the University of London. From 1872 to 1880 he was demonstrator under Huxley at South Kensington and lecturer in biology in Bedford College, London. In 1880 he became professor of biology in the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. He published a number of memoirs on New Zealand animals, important of which are: On the Structure and Development of Apteryx and On the Cranial Osteology, Classification, and Phylogeny of the Dinornithidæ. He also wrote the following text-books, in which great literary and artistic ability are joined with extensive knowledge and pedagogical skill: Zoötomy (1884); Lessons in Elementary Biology (1890); A Text-book of Zoölogy (with W. A. Haswell, 1897). The last named is the guide followed in the classification of animals in this Encyclopædia. Professor Parker died at Warrington, New Zealand, November 7, 1898.