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PAUL, Charles Kegan (1828-1902). An English publisher and author, born at White Lackington, Somersetshire. He was educated at Eton and at Exeter College, Oxford; from 1853 to 1862 was a master at Eton, and, after twelve years as vicar of Sturminster, entered the publishing business, from which he retired in 1899. As an author he is best known for his biographies and translations: A Translation of Faust (1873); Life of William Godwin (1876); Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft (1879); Biographical Sketches (1883); Maria Drummond (1891); Huysmans's En Route (1896); and Memories (1899). In Faith and Unfaith (1891) Paul hinted at his own religious beliefs; he left the Church of England for Positivism, and in his last years entered the Roman Catholic Church.