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PAUL, poul, Oskar (1836—). A German writer on music, born at Freiwaldau, Silesia. He was a pupil of Klingenberg at Görlitz, then of Plaidy, Richter, and Hauptmann at the University of Leipzig, and after sojourns in different German towns he returned to Leipzig (1866), to give private lessons in harmony. Three years afterwards he began to teach musical history in the conservatory of that city, and in 1872 he was appointed professor extraordinarius at the university. He founded and edited the periodical Tonhalle, which was merged into the Musikalische Wochenblatt; published Hauptmann's Lehre der Harmonik (1868); wrote Geschichte des Claviers (1869); Handlexicon der Tonkunst (1871-73); and made the first German translation of Boëthius (1872).