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PUTNAM, Mary Traill Spence (Lowell) (1810-98). A poetess, translator, and essayist, daughter of Rev. Charles Lowell, sister of James Russell Lowell. She was born in Boston, Mass., December 10, 1810. She married, in 1832, Samuel R. Putnam, a Boston merchant. Besides numerous contributions to magazines, especially on Polish and Hungarian literature and history, she wrote two metrical dramas on slavery, A Tragedy of Errors (1862) and A Tragedy of Success (1862); a novel, The Records of an Obscure Man (1861); A History of the Constitution of Hungary, made timely by the visit of Kossuth (1850); Memoir of William Lowell Putnam, her son, killed at Ball's Bluff (1862); Fifteen Days (1866); Memoir of Charles Lowell (her father) (1885); and a translation from the Swedish of Fredrika Bremer's The Neighbors.