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RATH, rät, Gerhard vom (1830-88). A German mineralogist, born at Duisburg and educated in Berlin, Bonn, and Geneva. In 1863 he became professor of mineralogy at the University of Bonn, and a few years afterwards was made director of the Mineralogical Museum there. He made scientific researches in mineralogy, petrology, and especially the geology of the Rhine, Alps, and Italy. He published the results of his researches in Poggendorf's Annalen, in the Zeitschrift der deutschen geologischen Gesellschaft, and in the Monatsberichten of the Berlin Academy, and in such publications of his own as Ein Ausflug nach Kalabrien (1871), Durch Italien und Griechenland nach dem heiligen Land, and Naturwissenschaftliche Studien (1879).