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REBER, rā'bẽr, Franz von (1834—). A German art-historian, born at Cham, Bavaria. After studying in Munich and Berlin he went to Rome, and in 1858 established himself as lecturer at the University of Munich, was appointed professor at the Polytechnieum there in 1863 and director of the Royal Gallery in 1875. His writings include: Die Ruinen Roms und der Campagna (2d ed. 1879); Geschichte der Baukunst im Altertums (1864-67); Kunstgeschichte des Altertums (1871; trans. and supplemented by Clarke, New York, 1882); Geschichte der neueren deutschen Kunst (2d ed. 1884); Kunstgeschichte des Mittelalters (1886; trans. 1887); Geschichte der Malerei vom Anfang des 14. bis zum Ende des 18. Jahrhunderts (1894); and Die phrygischen Felsendenkmäler (1897). He translated the ten books of Vitruvius on Architecture (1865) and the History of the Antwerp School of Painting by Rooses (1880).