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REBOLLEDO, rā'Bṓ-lyā'Dṓ, Bernardino de, Count (1597-1676). A Spanish poet, born at Leon. From his youth he was a soldier and fought against the Turks and in Barbary and in the Thirty Years' War. He was made Ambassador to Denmark (1647) and afterwards to Sweden, and lived for several years in the north. In 1663 he was appointed Minister of State, a post he held until his death. His works include: Ocios (1650), a poem; Selva militar y politica (1652), a didactic poem; La constancia victoriosa (1655), and some epistles, epigrams, and excellent ballads. His style is prosaic, but it is simple and usually unaffected. The three-volume edition of his works (Madrid, 1778) contains a biography.