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RIEMER, rē'mẽr, Friedrich Wilhelm (1774-1845). A German scholar and literary historian, born at Glatz. He studied theology and philology at Halle, was a tutor in the family of Wilhelm von Humboldt (1801-03), and then for nine years lived with Goethe as his literary assistant and his son's tutor. In 1812 he became professor at the Weimar gymnasium; from 1814 to 1820 he was assistant librarian, and from 1837 to his death he was librarian-in-chief at Weimar. Riemer published some poetry, a Greek lexicon (1802-04), and Mitteilungen über Goethe (1841). He edited Goethe's correspondence with Zelter (1833-34), and his own letters were published in two volumes, Briefe von und an Goethe (1846) and in Aus dem Goethehause (1892, edited by Heitmüller).