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RUCKSTUHL, rūk'stōōl, Frederick Wellington (1853—). An American sculptor, born at Breitenbach, in Alsace. His family went to Saint Louis when the boy was hardly a year old. He was educated in the city schools of Saint Louis and in Paris. His statue “Evening,” which had honorable mention at the Salon in 1888, received a grand medal at the World's Fair in Chicago in 1893, and is now at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Returning to Saint Louis, Ruckstuhl carved a statue of “Mercury Leading the Eagle of Jupiter,” which is owned by that city, and the statue of “Solon” in the Congressional Library (Washington). Among his most successful works are the equestrian statue of General Hartranft in Harrisburg, Pa.; a portrait bust of John Russell Young; the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument in Jamaica, Long Island. He directed the sculptural decoration of the Appellate Court House in New York.