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SALT, Sir Titus (1803-76). An English manufacturer, born at Morley, in the West Riding of Yorkshire. He learned the wool-stapling business, and in 1824 entered into partnership with his father at Bradford. He was the first to make practical use of Donskoi wool in worsted manufacture, and in 1836 he introduced alpaca to the British market. In 1853 he opened a great factory a few miles from Bradford, on the River Aire, about which there soon grew up the town of Saltaire. His factories were built with special regard to warmth, light, and ventilation, and in the town he erected hundreds of model dwellings, a public dining hall, factory schools, public baths, and other conveniences. He was created a baronet in 1869. Consult: Balgarnie, Life of Sir Titus Salt; and Holyrod, Saltaire and Its Founder.