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Edition of 1905. See also Battle of San Jacinto on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

SAN JACIN′TO, Battle of. The final battle in the war for Texan independence, fought near San Jacinto Bay, Texas, April 21, 1836, between about 740 Texans, under General Houston, and about 1400 Mexicans, under Santa Anna. On April 20th the opposing forces took up positions about one mile apart, and after some preliminary skirmishing the battle took place on the afternoon of the following day. It was hardly more than a sharp charge by the Texans, who rushed on with the cry “Remember the Alamo,” and quickly overcame the Mexicans. Santa Anna fled, but was afterwards captured. The Texans lost only about 30 in killed and wounded; the Mexicans, 1360 in killed, wounded, and captured.